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Hot Off the Presses: The Greater Than Cancer Impact Report

Posted on September 19, 2017


By GuideWell Innovation

Experience our Journey to Improve the Lives of those Impacted by Cancer


Sparked by a news story regarding the tough road that many people dealing with cancer face and a mission to help people and communities achieve better health, we asked you to join us on a powerful journey. In August 2016, we convened a group of leaders, patients and caregivers for a two-day immersion event to discuss the many obstacles of surviving and living with cancer. Our hope was to provide a platform for meaningful discussion that not only identified the issues, but also lit the path for potential solutions.


A nine-month journey followed that included lots of powerful discussion, collaboration, ideation and a challenge where many impactful solutions were brought to the table. We are very proud of and excited about these solutions, as well as the many powerful partnerships, collaborations and relationships that have been formed. Thanks again to all of our partners, sponsors, colleagues and friends who helped make this tremendous effort possible. The official journey is over, but we must all remain focused as many of the challenges remain.


It’s with great pleasure that we present our final impact report from the Greater Than Cancer Journey.


View the Impact Report


To learn more about our most recent immersion event, Emerging Minds: Illuminating the Path to Mental Wellness and upcoming journey, please visit

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